Move Up North and West from London to Experience Natural Beauty

People throughout the world are enamoured by the very mention of London, which for many is the ultimate sightseeing destination mainly because of the plethora of historic landmarks, cultural offerings, beautiful parks and various other attractions. As a result, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the city every year and return to their bases completely satisfied with their sightseeing journey. However, what they do not realise is that if only they could have managed to spend some more time and moved to other places in the UK as well, they would have had a much richer experience since what lies outside London is really gorgeous. They could have seen lakes, hills, mountains, pastures, history, country villages, great cities and alternate shopping venues and experienced a greater pleasure. A simple train journey up north up to Scotland or to a beautiful corner of the Isles would have been a fantastic eye-opener and an unforgettable experience.

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The Lake District area can be reached in three and a half hours by taking a train from Euston station, from the heart of London. Oxenholme is the Lake District Railway Station which sits by Kendal, the gateway to the Lakes. It is also the only village where you can stop on the West Coast main Line. This will provide the entry point to go to Windermere and further into nature. On reaching Lake District, when you experience the mountains and see the lakes, you will get the feel that if there is any paradise on earth, it is here. Lake District, which is an area and national park in northwest England, is quite a popular holiday destination, known for lakes like Windermere, rugged mountains, glacial ribbon lakes and historic literary associations such as the Dave Cottage, which is where William Wordsworth created his literary works. Once you experience the magic of this place, you will feel that the time at your disposal is too short and you will do all that is in your control to extend your trip. However, even a short stay will satisfy you with the feel that at least you have been able to visit this fabulous place.

You can also move around the nearby market towns such as Keswick, Kendal and Ambleside that can prove to be great bases for exploring the area. Many galleries of local art, traditional inns and outdoor equipment shops are also located in these towns. The Lake District is presently in the Cumbria area although historically, it was split between Lancashire, Westmorland and Cumberland. The area lies within the National Park as all land in England that has an altitude of more than three thousand feet above sea level does. Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, is also in this area along with the Westwater and Windermere which are the longest and deepest lakes in England. The natural beauty of these places will simply enchant any visitor.

When you are in London, you should stay at Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel , from where you can easily start this journey and there will be no dearth of beautiful places to see, once you have started it. Moreover, it provides comfortable accommodation at affordable cost. You can visit the historic, symbolic and architecturally stunning cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, which are just a couple of hours from London. These cities are products of the industrial revolution and offer a great variety of modernisation and culture. You can also visit Lancaster, the capital of Lancashire where you can see historic, Georgian architecture in its various attractions such as the castle and the cathedral that loom large over the area, and the amazing Lancaster Priory.

Once you are in this area, you just cannot afford to miss witnessing one of the best sunsets in the country that takes place at the Morecambe Bay. You will find that seeing the sun go down is extraordinarily special at this place, irrespective of the time of the year. Located in northwest England, Morecambe Bay is a large multiple estuary, east of the Isle of Man and south of the Lake District National Park. It presents an absolutely stunning picture with five rivers (Kent, Keer, Leven, Wyre and Lune) draining into it along with their various estuaries, creating a number of peninsulas within the bay. The land around Morecambe Bay is mostly reclaimed and it forms salt marshes for agriculture. The area is also a beautiful wildlife site where you will find different marine habitats and a plethora of bird life. You can find a bird sanctuary at Walney Island and rich cockle beds at the bay. This is the ideal place to relax in the lap of nature. The bay has seven main islands that all lie to the north.

If you continue further on your train journey from Euston London, you will reach Carlisle and Glasgow in Scotland. This area is absolutely beautiful and presents the prettiest side of nature and an industrial and Atlantic trade history. It also has many landmarks that include the bridge across the River Clyde and the Mitchell Library which is one of the largest in Europe containing 1.3 million volumes. There is so much more to Glasgow with regard to its landmarks, exciting events and hidden treasures that you simply have to spend some time here. The Loch Ness is a fantastic lake with the mysterious monster in it that no one has ever seen.

A visit to UK should not only involve London but it should include the north and west of the country where you will find many unique, beautiful and historic places and sights to see. The train journey itself is entirely pleasurable.

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