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The Portobello Market in London is famous for its clothes and antiques or vintage material to be put as showcase material for your home. It is one of the famous and most talked about street markets in London. The Portobello market comes into the district of Notting Hill in London. The street market comprises of all the stuff you need ranging from various amazing antiques or accessories to the delicious street food to fresh veggie stalls providing all types of healthy food. Apart from the hustle bustle in the streets of the Portobello market, there are also some designer shops to be visited, which are quite famous in the Notting hill. So discover these amazing fashionable stores in the Notting Hill with the help of this guide:

The Merchant

The Merchant is a fashion store with all the international brands ranging from Chanel, Hermes, Lanvin to Dior and many more, all at bargained price. This store is a celeb-favourite. The merchant store always tries its best to keep its collection recent and up to date matching the recent trends.

Books for Cooks

The books for cooks is a well-known restaurant in the Notting Hill district. This restaurant runs on a very unique formula of preparing the starters and the main course by taking a peak from the famous cook books. This activity is always processed  by making new dishes from the famous cookery books everyday. The standard of cooking is really high and the customers coming here get really delighted from the food.

Portobello Road Market

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Portobello Road Market actually is a series of many markets stretched through the whole long road, ranging from the south to the north of the Notting Hill. The markets starts by the shops comprising of the old, classy, vintage antiques which could be used as a special type of décor in your home. Apart from the antiques there, the market is famous for its designer second hand clothes which comes at bargained prices  and also delicious street foods which would insist you to have more of it, and also it has fresh and healthy vegetable food, which would end up making a health conscious person happy and delighted by the taste and nutritive food.

Honest Jon’s

Honest Jon’s is a record store in the Notting Hill district that is quite famous for its very own collection of different genres of music like jazz, hip hop. Apart form this the store gives you other genres of music like Dubstep which is a  famous dance genre. The store is a very old record store which has been  sharing music of all genres since the early 1990s. Earlier this only store was famous for coming out with a collection which was not yet available in the other markets. The store is designed with many Blaxploitation posters all over the walls of the store giving a sign that the store comprises of the whole collection jazz, soul, revival reggae and global sounds. The store is extremely popular that it stores some kind of CDs and vinyl collection that is only reserved for the luminaries such as president or the prince and others.

Dolly diamond

If you are an admirer of the style, class and aura of the classic times and want to see more of the vintage looks, attire and wants to get dressed in one of the classic attires then you must visit the dolly diamond’s classic store in the Notting Hill. The store is a  whole different world of the classic era of the 1940s. So the time you would enter into the store, you would feel that you have reached the era of the 1940s, with all the vintage and classic type of attires hanging in the store. The shop gives a delightful old- fashioned feel, offering a whole range of clothes of both the men and women. Women clothes being the, the glamorous grosgrain gown or a cute burlesque hat of the 1940s fashion. The men’s clothes give you a set of dinner jackets and shirts. At the back of the store,  you would find the a whole range of vintage bridal wear, which comes up with the exquisite and elegant accessories and headdresses. Thus, this store in the Notting Hill district is the most unique of all the stores and definitely deserves a visit.


Odabash is a unique and an ultra- glam store with the whole décor dipped in white colour, with white carpets, white closets with driftwood lamps, which would give you a light and a classy feel when entered into the store. In the summer, you would always want to step out of your homes and head towards the beach. So for that the store gives you a whole range of colourful bikinis to bask in the sun with the sophisticated and comfortable beach war which comes in all sizes from children to adults. Apart from the bikinis the store also provides you with cute flip flops with lots of colours to give you a comforting look altogether. Apart from the bikinis and sparkly flip flops, the store also has some other things and accessories in store like the flattering kaftans with some light and colourful beach accessories. The recent collection of the accessories features various hues of silver, gold, metallic, yellow and khaki accessories which would help you stand out from the crowd, glowing in the sun.


Cowshed is the other store for any other purpose in the Notting Hill district. Cowshed is the salon and spa centre, which is giving you extensive care of your body by pampering you with different types of spa treatments along with grooming you in the salon centre. The centre has a manicure and a pedicure centre on one side with a tiny café area on the other side. The décor of the spa centre is enlightening, with white flooring and serene environment.

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