5 best London speakeasies you must visit

Planning to visit London city? Wish to embrace the global capital completely? Then make sure to visit some of the speakeasies for sure. If you do not want to miss the action and wish to live every single bit of it then it is always quite important to come over to London city in a planned manner. You absolutely cannot afford to miss the golden opportunity of being in London and spending your days like a British. Hence come well planned and then look ahead to implement you’re planning properly.

Speaking of the speakeasies, it must be stated that they remind us of the days when consuming alcohol was prohibited. The hidden bars in the city will hark you to the days when drinking was considered as an illegal act in the United Kingdom.

While travelling to London, you will be able to come across to the two different sides of a Londoner. During the day time, they work harder and the at the night they party even harder but the one thing which remains steady is the fact that they do not love anything else as much as they are fond of their beers.

It is always a great experience to discover a pub or a bar which has been under the radar since its inception. The pleasurable feel of discovering a bar that remains hidden away from the masses is something which you must look ahead to trying during your upcoming holiday break to London city. Each one of them strives to offer something unique to your regular get together with some friends for a drink. In case if you are looking out for some options that will keep you at a distant from the tourist trap bars in London then make sure to visit some of the secret bars in the city for making your trip a memorable experience.

If you have been one constant search for some spectacular hidden bars across London city then your quest ends here. Listed below are some of the most amazing speakeasies which you must visit for experiencing something amazing during your tour.

  • Portside Parlour at London Fields:

You have to visit this for finding your way to this cocktail bar through the loo with one cubicle and a cistern. This is considered to be having the most unusual entrances that can astonish anybody and everybody. Head straight to Off Broadway and look out for the stall having a sink with a cistern. Pull the chain and the door will open to surprise you even more. What is hidden on the other side of the door is nothing less than a spectacular treat to indulge you into. The bar is beautifully covered in dark leather couches and furbished with fine wood in order to exude a classy as well as trendy look to allure visitors. The bar is eminent at offering the guests with a wonderful range of cocktails that are made firm the hooch of a sugar cane.

  • Underdog at Shoreditch:

Do you consider yourself to be a big fan of Brew Dog Beers? Then it is your chance to gulp down the beer while holidaying in London city. There is a secret bar within the bar where you will be offered with the Brew Dog beer cocktails. In order to get inside the secret bar, you will have to ask the bartender in the Shoreditch Brew Dog pub for taking you downstairs and then there is absolutely no way stopping you from getting a taste of your favourite beer. The downstairs s filled with dark wood. While getting your way down there to the secret bar, you will be able to listen to the tunes of New Orleans dirty blues sound. The craft beer cocktail is about mixing the craft beer with liquor and some specific cocktail ingredients in order to create something amazing.

  • Bars in Chelsea:

While checking out several fantastic sightseeing attractions across Chelsea, you will most certainly come across to a typical block of flats in the Chelsea Cloisters. Your main look out should be to find the Mickey Mouse Wallpaper. If you have already found it then, make sure to ring the buzzer for a man who looks through a peephole and check you thoroughly in order to ensure that you fulfil the criteria for entering the bar. The interiors will make you think that the bar was purchased at a car boot sale as everything inside looks eclectic. Along with offering the typical ranges of cocktails that are available on several other speakeasies across the city, over here at Bars, you will be able to be a part of the stein-filled Oktoberfest celebrations. Bars is definitely worthy of a visit if you are looking out for a wider mix of beers and cocktails amid a scintillating ambiance.

  • Mizuwari in Soho:

If you are staying in one of the hotels near Piccadilly Circus, then it won’t take you long to make your way towards the Soho neighbourhood. There is a Japanese Restaurant named Izakaya where you need to move past the main floor for making your way down into the basement. This is where the whiskey bar is located. Although the name of the bar reflects the meaning of ‘mixing with water’, the bartenders out there prefer to mix the whiskey with several ingredients other than only water. Some of the interesting mixes of ingredients that make the drink worth the money are vanilla pods, citrus zests, orange blossom water and many more. The drinks served here will give a whole new idea of enjoying a whiskey in a different manner.

  • Nightjar in Hoxton:

You need to be extremely careful while locating this speakeasy as you are bound to walk past more than once before finding it finally. Your job is to find large and dark double doors with the outline of the nightjar bird on them. The amazing range of quality efficientcocktails makes this speakeasy worthy of visiting. It is definitely on its way to become the best in the next few years.

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