The London Underground Rail Network

There is a lot of pleasure in being a part of the London Underground Rail Network in tours to the city.

London is a place where public transport is at its best. The traffic is well organized and the public is disciplined. Tourists coming here would surely enjoy the simple benefits of being a part of the network of communication in London. The cheapest way to travel in the city is to take the Tube which is also called the London Underground rail network.  There are many reasons why a tourist would like taking the Tube as it helps one to move around easily.

Benefits of the London Underground
The Tube does has a lot of advantages and provides the best kind of transportation. Navigating through the city is not difficult with this form of transport and one only has to use the mode of transport and it does not require any verbal communication. These are not ill kept vehicles therefore one has ease and comfort in travels here. There are many alterations and improvements for the transport system and the tube is no different. One has in fact seen the addition of air conditioning facilities to the fleet of Tube trains in London.

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The London Tube Lines
There are around eleven tube lines in London and here the tourists as well as locals enjoy the best facilities. These are the lines which cater to the needs of the travelers across the city. The major lines are Bakerloo Line, Circle Line, Central Line, District Line, Hammersmith & City Line, Metropolitan Line, Jubilee Line, Northern Line, Victoria Line, Piccadilly Line, and Waterloo & City Line. These lines span over nine zones and halt at around 200 London Tube stations. The tourists usually stay in Zone 1 and Zone 2 and they cover the area around Central London where most of the tourist sites are found. The hotels for stay are also found in this part of the city. The running times are usually five in the morning to midnight from Monday to Saturday. The times during Sunday are reduced by some hours. The trains usually start a little later and end a little earlier. For those who need the time table, there are facilities to download them and also avail of more information from the website.

Planning the Tube Travel
The time taken to go around London should include the time of travel in between. Once the time is decided, it is easy to move around the city. This includes buying the ticket, and finding out which type of ticket is needed. There are many options for this. One can buy an Oyster card. This helps one to pay according to the options. One just refills the card and then can add a top on as required. One does not have to carry cash or worry about losing paper tickets, or money. If the card is lost, the balance would be refunded without any extra cost. One can also put a Travel card on the Oyster card. This facilitates one to travel as much as possible on the Tube.

There are paper tickets too which are used while travelling. These include the Travel cards, the Group tickets, the singe tickets and the return tickets. The Travel cards allow one to travel as much as possible and one can travel the entire day with this. The single and return ticket is meant for those who wish to go from one particular destination to another. One can purchase a Group day ticket for frequent travelling in groups. People stay in hotels like BW Premier Shaftesbury London Piccadilly and take the benefits of the London Underground.

The Beauty of London Tube and Attractions
The London Tube takes one around the city and provides many attractions which are near the Tube stations. There are many attractions which are usually a part of the Tube travel and are near the Tube stations. For example the Big Ben is a wonderful site to visit while travelling on the Tube. This is a huge clock tower standing at a height of around 316 feet. This is the most iconic landmark in London in fact. The nearest Tube station is Westminster on Jubilee Line. Then one has the Covent Garden which is another beautiful attraction while on the Tube. One can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and bask in the glory of a lovely land. People also like to shop and eat here and also go through the local London markets. The nearest Tube station is the Leicester Square or Covent Garden on Piccadilly Line. Visit the London Eye which is near the Waterloo Tube station on the Northern Line. This is a huge Ferris wheel which provides the attraction of having a birds’ eye view of the city of London and is nearly around 400 feet up in the sky. The National Gallery is another lovely place to be while on the move in the London Underground. It is an art museum which has more than 2000 paintings which go back to the time of the mid thirteenth century. The entrance is free here and this is very near the Charing Cross on the northern line. Then there is the St. James’s Tube station on the Circle and District Lines which has the St. James’s Park nearby. Enjoy the visit to this oldest and the most beautiful London park. This is in fact a part of the Royal Parks in London. The Tower Bridge is another major attraction while travelling in the London Underground Rail. This is a Victorian bridge across the River Thames and gives great views of the entire surrounding. It is near the Tower Hill Tube station on the District & Circle Lines. Many actually mistake the Tower of London for the Tower Bridge. It is not so. The Tower of London is a historic place which is a prison and fortress and comprises 20 towers. It has a magnificent history of 1000 years. The nearest Tube station is on the Tower Hill on the District & Circle Lines.

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