The idyllic location of Paddington

The City of London has a lot to see and explore. It is the most popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom with millions of tourists flocking to the city every year. With some of the finest attractions both medieval and modern it is a city that has its own unique charm. If you have planned a holiday this summer then London is the place to visit as it has something for everyone, whether young or old. The city has some of the finest palaces, museums and art galleries in the world amongst much more.

London is also home to some of the best hotels in the world. While the city is indeed expensive it offers a variety of accommodation to suit the budgets of all types of travellers. From B&Bs to luxury hotels you will find them all in London. Of course if you plan to visit the city it is recommended to make hotel reservations in advance, as finding a suitable place to stay at the last minute can prove to be difficult. This is more so in the tourist peak season when most hotel rooms are booked well in advance. When choosing a place to stay in London, it is recommended to select a central location like Paddington, which offers convenient access to all parts of the city.

The district of Paddington is the ideal location to stay when in London because it offers you convenient access to other parts of the city. The area itself has a very interesting history, with a number of tourist attractions in the vicinity, good places to shop and a lot of activities to keep you busy.

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The locality

It was formerly a part of the Metropolitan Borough until in 1965 it was abolished and Paddington became a part of City of Westminster in Greater London. The area offers a tranquil atmosphere to stay in with a number of good hotels near Paddington London to choose from.  There are numerous places and attractions to visit and explore. From Sussex Gardens to Edgware Road and things to do near Paddington Station there are some great places to explore.


You can enjoy some retail therapy when visiting Paddington as its markets are one of the main attractions that draws countless visitors and tourists from across the globe. The area itself is very picturesque and in the central part of London. If shopping is what you enjoy you will never be disappointed as there is a variety of places to shop which sell a diverse range of goods. The area is well known for its amazing variety of artefacts that are unique to the traditional arts and crafts of the area. There is top quality furniture, a wide variety of dress materials and ceramic products for which the area is popular with shoppers. If you want to get a good bargain you need to visit the underground shops at Marble Arch. If high end shopping is what you are looking for then there is no better place to shop at then the major shopping hub at Oxford Street. If you have deep pockets then Oxford Street is the place where you will find some of the trendiest brands and biggest fashion labels.


The area has a very interesting historical background with the place have an interesting association with the monarchy. In the past it has a historical connection with King Edgar, Henry VIII and King Edward VI.   It is also home to the West Middlesex Waterworks, the Great Eastern Railways, and St. Mary’s Hospital (established in 1850) among a host of other public buildings. A visit to the Parish Church is a most interesting experience where you will see some of the rituals of worship being practiced as they were in the 18th Century. St. Mary’s Church on Paddington Green was commissioned in 1788 and consecrated in 1791 with the designer being John Plaw. Other notable landmarks in the area include the Holy Trinity church and the Church of St. James.

Geographical aspects

The district of Paddington is situated in the suburban district of London and is home to the terminus of the Great Western Railway. The area lies geographically 3 miles to the west of St. Paul’s and also is in close proximity to the borough of Marylebone and the Holborn Division of Ossul stone. Paddington station is a vital railway junction that helps to connect and maintain a chain of communication with all the major districts and parishes in the UK. Paddington’s location is all the more significant on account of being close to Maid Hill, Bays-Water, Craven Hill and Westbourne Green. One of the most important roads that connect it to other districts is Uxbridge Road.

Fun facts

The area is well known for the famous Paddington Bear created by author Michael Bond. In 2008 the district celebrated the 50th anniversary of the publication of the very first book in the series and in 1997 Michael Bond was felicitated for his immense contribution to children’s literature. He was instrumental in being one of the founding members of the well know Paddington Bear, which is symbolic of the district.


There are numerous attractions to sightsee and entertainment venues to visit. Close by lies Hyde Park one of the most famous parks of London, which is home to the Princess Diana Memorial and its famous Speakers’ Corner. The park is a perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon away from the commotion of the city. While here you could also visit Marble Arch and the Cafe in the area. Hyde Park offers a number of sports activities including playgrounds for kids, which makes it ideal for the family to visit.

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