Great Outdoor Cinema Time In London

Almost every traveller who has had the chance to go around the globe has certainly visited London at least once, if not more. The city is a treasure of various attractions. However, with the vastness of the city and the high density of special attractions in the place, all promising to make the tour an unbelievable one and an ever memorable one as well, there is high probability that before long any traveller will grow tired of spending the entire day sightseeing and returning exhausted. There is always a good break needed when someone can have some personal time, even on a trip. This summer, while planning the trip, it will be a good option to book a few shows at the outdoor cinemas in London.

If this is the first time someone is going to enjoy the outdoor cinema in London, that person is certainly going to love every part of it. The experience is just amazing, and there is hardly anything more romantic or beautiful or spectacular than an experience of the open cinema show. The sheer brilliance of the idea is just amazing. There are just so many problems which one might think of while making the first plan to go on the show – the sitting on the hard ground for prolonged hours, may be sitting cross legged for the entire duration (which is practically painful for anyone above the age of 10 years); but once at the show, as the night sky darkens and the beautiful stars start glittering in the sky above and the person sits cosily by the side of the loved one, or may be sitting by oneself, the enchanting smell of the fast foods and snacks wafting through the air, as the magic starts to spread, these problems simply vanishes away. Anyone who has been to a single show has made it a routine to watch a cinema at the outdoor venue.

In comparison to the regular movie viewing experience, an outdoor cinema is far better than any. The most amazing part is to be able to enjoy the movie while also enjoying the vast openness of the place and sipping the favourite cheap drink without having thrown out of the place for bringing outdoor snacks / drinks. The openness is a welcoming change for the claustrophobic as well. The cool breeze makes any movie worth watching.

There are, however, a few rules one needs to remember while going for an outdoor cinema. These are not basically rules, but a few points, which, if adhered to will help make the experience even better.

•Carry Some Warm Clothes or Wrap – The temperature during the day can be pretty hot. This might make one feel that there is no need to have any warm clothes or any heavy clothes for the evening. However, the outdoor cinema starts as the light of the day start to go out. In a few hours the temperature can turn pretty chilling and it might not be as comfortable then in the light clothes which one has been wearing all day. So, even though one might look a little awkward, it is best to have some wraps or heavy clothes along for the show.

•Make Advance Booking – Getting the ticket to the show might be harder than one imagine. Some of the outdoor cinemas in London are pretty popular and the tickets are sold out right at the beginning of the summer. It is best to get the booking done in advance and also opt for the venues which are less popular for the last minute booking. The pop up screens are perfect for the purpose. The TimeOut magazine is a good buy for those who wish to check on the daily happenings in London and find some great cinema in the capital.

•Take A Cushion – The best way to enjoy the movie will be by taking a cushion to make the viewing even more comfortable. The best part about the cushion is it is easy to carry and does not pose a problem for the others. Taking a chair to the venue is one of the worst ideas and outdoor cinemas are not meant for viewing sitting on a chair. There are places where the car parking is not too far away and one can actually use the bonnet or the roof of the car as a nice elevated and secluded place to enjoy the movie alone or with someone special.

•Be Early – It is best to be early to get the perfect spot. People start coming in as the sun start to descend low. Thus it is best to be there early so that the best spots are not taken up.

•Get Help From Ushers – The ushers are the best people to consult when choosing the perfect spot for the movie. One might think that a place is good if it is in the centre, but in case of an outdoor cinema it is not always so. The ground isn’t elevated as is in a hall. Thus for getting the best place the ushers are the perfect people to get help from.

•Pack A Picnic – The good old type picnic is the perfect way to make this event a memorable one. The picnic basket with all the goodies, the sandwiches, burgers, and drinks, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy it all. No one is going to say anything about it. Actually a lot of people carry great foods along with them to these cinemas.

London is full of surprises, and these outdoor cinemas are certainly one of the best ones. However, with such planning one must also make sure that the accommodation complements the entire experience. Finding an accommodation such as the Premier London Notting Hill hotel is one of the best ways to make the experience even better. The Notting Hill is a beautiful location in London and the classy and elegantly decorated hotels are certainly going to make the trip worth remembering.

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