Exploring London On Foot

London is a beautiful city. The beauty is not only because of the fact that it is the capital of England and hence very well planned, but also because of the beautiful architectures from the various eras of the city which are still in place, the wonderful parks, gardens, and lakes, the breathtakingly beautiful Thames River, the fabulous wildlife and birds, the natural beauty of the city, and most importantly, the wonderful mixed feeling of royalty, contemporary and modernity. It is always said that the best way to explore any place is discovering the various places on foot. London is the perfect city to explore on foot. There are numerous locations, none too far away from another, which offer the perfect road trip opportunity for the tourists.

Those who are new to London can actually take the help of the guided tours. One of the most unique and most fabulous of all guided tours is certainly the Sandemans New London Tours. The Sandemans tour begins from the Covent Garden. It is a tour of the Royal London and encompasses all the locations worth visiting within the two and half hour duration of the entire tour. What sets the Sandemans New London Tours different from the rest is that it is a tour which is completely on foot. The tourists get to visit fabulous places of London on foot and explore many new places. The tour guide works only for tips. It is thus ensured that they always give their best, since giving a tip is completely voluntary. If the guide is a great one it is always best to tip handsomely as recognition of his / her effort and talent.

The tour begins with a visit to the Wellington Arch. Also known as the Green Park Arch or the Constitution Arch, it is located on the south end of the Hyde Park. The Hyde Park is a landmark area where one can catch some wonderful scenery, the Royal ceremonies and lots of other actions and activities. Starting from the arch, the tour next goes to the Buckingham Palace. The Buckingham Palace is one of the iconic buildings in London and that of England as well. It is the residence of the Queen of England and houses many royal artefacts and splendid items of historical importance. The tourists can check out the various parts of the palace and the guide often fills them up with fascinating lesser known tales of the palace. The tour also allows checking out the area around the palace. The Victoria Memorial, not too far from the Buckingham Palace, was built to Queen Victoria. The bronze and marble monument is a splendour and beautiful work of art. Moving on from the Victoria Memorial, there is the St. James Palace. The palace was commissioned by Henry VIII.

The tour moves on to the Trafalgar Square. One can visit the London Brass Rubbing Centre which is near the Trafalgar Square and get some great mementoes. From there on, the tourists goes to St. James’ Park. St. James Park has been in news not too long back when a press photographer caught the video of a pelican devouring a complete pigeon. There was much discussion about the matter, the pelican being one of the five that resides in the park and who are given 5.4 kg of fish daily and vitamin supplement as well. The feeding of the pelicans is a visitor’s attraction as well. The pelican having the pigeon for meal, though not really heard of, isn’t something very uncommon. The birds are known to devour anything that looks like food to them. Said so, it is not a usual sight, and might not be pretty for all.

The next destination is the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum. London is one of the cities with maximum number of museums. There are in total about 240 museums in all of London and one simply cannot move a few paces down a few blocks of the city without coming up in front of a museum. The war museums are some of the most fascinating places in London, with many stories of the times of war and the various artilleries giving a detailed description of the evolution of the war items in London. The Churchill Museum contains many artefacts from the time of the World War. It is the place where important decisions were taken during that time.

After that the Parliament Square and finally the House of Parliament is visited in the tour. The Parliament building itself is quite old and has many stories associated with it. The tour guide tells various facts about the different artefacts on display and about the building as well.

The two and a half hour tour is fascinating one covering quite a few major attractions in the process. However, there isn’t much time for photography. One can actually discuss with the tour guide in the beginning to ensure that some time for photography is managed within the stipulated time. This tour is available every day in all weather and there is no need for booking. Just turning up at the starting point at 11 am and at 1 pm is enough. There is the tour guide gathering people for the tour, and one simply needs to join the group.

One can also plan a tour of London oneself. One of the wonders of London Pass is that the pass offers free entry to a number of major attractions in London as well as VIP entry to many locations. The London Pass is available easily and one can have it delivered at their home or can simply collect it after visiting London. This pass can be takes depending upon the places one wishes to visit.

The accommodation option in London is many. However, for the purpose of sightseeing, it is best to take up accommodation near the heart of the city. There are Hotels near Hounslow tube station which offer easy access to the various parts of the city. The Park Grand Heathrow hotels in Hounslow are some of the best options available.

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