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Collagen is an important constituent of the skin and creates a good structure for the skin.

Collagen is an important part of the body system and is made up of the connective tissue that helps in supporting the skin structure. This makes it essential for making the skin look young and also provides the person with youthful skin. When the body undergoes lot of stress and strain the skin is the one that is affected the most. This makes it imperative for the individual to pay attention to what makes the skin sag. This is where collagen is very important. The production of collagen usually begins to reduce once one turns 35 years of age. The collagen starts getting broken down in the process. There are certain enzymes which act as a catalyst to break it down further. This begins the onset of decreasing collagen in the body and in the skin. This causes the skin to become thinner and also lose its strength. This results in the formation of wrinkles. There are other factors like exposure to sun, pollution, and smoke which lead to the disintegration of collagen.

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Skin Care and Its importance

It has to be understood that the skin is the largest organ of the body and results in a lot of protection and care to the entire body. If the skin is damaged the body is exposed to the open air and one gets all sorts of infection. It is thus very important to take care of the skin well and also to make sure it is well protected. The skin is usually protected with a natural tissue which has collagen. This is a great relief to the body system however with age, this reduces and thus the process of ageing begins. There are many reasons for this and there are various ways of protecting this.

The Diet Connection

Whatever we eat is manifested in our look. When we eat, our system absorbs what it wants and discards what it does not want. The importance of diet is thus a major influence in the maintenance of skin. Skin comes of various kinds. It could be oily, it could be dry or it could be in a combination of dry and oily variety. What we eat predominantly determines the texture and quality of the skin. Thus diet is directly proportional to good skin. Again the skin has pores and the body loses water through them. Keeping the skin hydrated is another important diet factor in the maintenance of skin. There are many skin care products in the market which cater to the demand of the individuals however it is also important to take natural care of the skin, through exercise, good health and diet. These days with the advancement of medical technology and health routines, there are various methods to take care of the collagen in the skin. The diet intake is thus a major factor governing skin and its texture. It is a combination of diet and exercise as well as knowing the best ways of maintaining the skin.

Food, Diet and Immunity

Food is a major factor which governs the body and its health. The diet is directly related to immunity and the better the diet the stronger the immunity. Food, diet and skin care are very important ways of dealing with the health and one has to be very aware of the kind of food consumed. Let us know more about what are the foods that aid in creating a tight skin with a lot of suppleness and ease.


This is an important part of the diet and constitutes the best ways to take care of the skin. There are ways of maintaining the strength of the skin cells. There are sources like salmon and tuna which are usually filled with Omega 3 fatty acids. These cells help in supporting the skin well and provide one with the best ways of dealing with skin fluctuations.

Red Vegetables

This is a good way of protecting the skin. There are many plants like red peppers, and tomatoes which aid in maintaining the red content in vegetables. Then of course there are beets and other such vegetables which have the oxidant lycopene which protect the skin from getting direct rays of the sun. With so much to do, visit one of those spa hotels London offers and bring back all the beauty.

Green Fruits and Vegetables

There are many ways of maintaining the texture of the skin and these include the citrus fruits and vegetables as these are full of Vitamin C. This helps in keeping the content of the collagen intact and also aid in production of the collagen in the skin. There are many topical products which have Vitamin C which have the anti-oxidizing properties. These help in stabilizing the harmful enzymes that break down the collagen content. Vitamin C also protects against the free radicals which predominantly weaken the collagen. The best way to deal with this is to eat spinach which is ideal for a good stable and perfectly healthy skin. There are also many Vitamin C products which are available as spa products. Enjoy the Montcalm hotel spa and avail of such treatments.

Orange Vegetables

Eat a lot of vegetables with orange colour. Obviously the carrot is one such main vegetable. Carrots as well as sweet potatoes help to restore the Vitamin A which produces the best of collagen effect. These also help to restore and regenerate the damaged collagen inside.

Berries are good For Collagen

Berries are the best for health when it comes to easy eating. They have compounds that help in the destruction of the free radicals. Raspberries and blueberries especially are surely the best in the berry category. They are a good food source and also aid in eliminating the free radicals. They at the same time aid in increasing the levels of collagen in the body.

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