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A Trip To Sydney

The capital of New South Wales, Sydney, is one of the most well known cities of all of Australia. It is certainly one of the most advertised of all cities of the country, so much so that those who do not have a proper idea about the country actually started believing that it is the [...]

Guide to Best Record Shops in London

London has a rich musical history which compasses the class and times from the mod and northern scene in the sixties, through punk and post-punk in the seventies, outside the box pop in the eighties and Britpop in the nineties, it proceeds with today with London’s new and energizing underground music scene. Whether you’re searching [...]

13 Ways to Enjoy Summer in London

In the midst of the midyear months, London is changed into an entire new city. At the point when London is sufficiently blessed to be honored with a warmth wave, inhabitants scramble to locate any open air patch accessible, regardless of how little, with the end goal of drenching up some highly required Vitamin D. [...]

Selecting The Right Accommodation In Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of the southern state Victoria in Australia is one of the most important business destinations in the country. In terms of popularity and importance index Melbourne ranks almost equal to the national capital Canberra and Sydney, another iconic city in the country. Melbourne witnesses a huge variety of tourists flying in to [...]

The Attractions In Queensland

When you consider Queensland the first things that ring a bell are perfect shorelines, lavish rainforests, colorful creatures, energetic and happening urban communities, and the immense Australian outback. There is such a great amount to see and accomplish for voyagers in Queensland that one occasion is never enough. Prevalently known as the daylight state, Queensland [...]

Bathed in Heritage – The London Roman Baths

The Roman Empire left its indelible marks on Britain with monuments such as the Stonehenge surviving in all their glory to this day. The Romans were also responsible for the expansion and development of London as a centre for trade and commerce, especially the City of London. What is not very well known about London [...]

Take a Tube Tour to Get to Know More About London Tube

London’s famous Underground also called the Tube by locals is one of the best subway networks in the world. It came into existence more than 150 years ago when the first underground train left its station in 1863. It has a chequered history particularly in the later part of the 19th century when many of [...]

Learn all about British Army’s History at National Army Museum

The National Army Museum is located in the Chelsea district of central London, next to the Royal Hospital Chelsea. It is the central museum of the British Army and is a non-departmental public body. You can visit it on any day of the year except during the Christmas period of 24-26 December and New Years [...]

Interesting bus routes around London

Travelling around London on bus is a much better option than walking or cycling, as it is more convenient plus you avoid any sudden downpours. Take a seat aboard the top deck of a double-decker bus in the city and you can be sure of getting a stunning view of the city around you. Make [...]

London attractions for those who do not like walking

While London is a large city its central district is reasonably compact and has most of the prominent tourist attractions in close proximity. It makes it very convenient for tourists or visitors who are not too keen on walking around or commuting long distances to see the attractions. If you are in Central London there [...]