London Zoo – The best place for night outs

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Are you also bored and tired with the daily mechanical life which the majority of the people in and around us are? Though there are many pubs and clubs that you would find around for chilling out and relaxing, but that would relax you for time being. Wouldn’t it be great if you find yourself relaxed completely and at the same time satisfied by experiencing something different, unique, fun filled and selfless in its own way? London Zoo can be an answer to your query. It is a unique place where you would find the peace of mind between the selfless creatures and beautiful landscapes. One such zoo is

The Zoo has an amazing range of members inside it, starting from the beautiful penguins dancing on the water and the surface as well. The sight would just sooth your eyes and would remove your tiredness in no time. The deadly beautiful Tigers who are just a treat to eyes, the tower tall Giraffe’s who can be spotted from any part of the zoo just in case if you are searching for them. Do try out the paddington court rooms in London for the nearby accommodation.

Once you are done visiting the zoo, there is a very interesting night out which is organized by the zoo authorities after 5 pm which is called Zoo Lates. Zoo Lates are organized on every Fridays during the summers. The Zoo Lates starts once the zoo closes and is a completely an adult’s affair. The zoo lates is very uniquely organized. You can find out the yummy food stalls and the unique silent disco with a variety of lawn games. While you party silently in the Zoo lates, you also have the luxury and freedom of wandering around the zoo before 9.00 p.m.

Apart from only having the luxury of tasty food, Zoo Lates also provides you with carousel. You can also watch the magicians blowing your mind off with the mind boggling tricks and magic. Do not enjoy the comedy acts which is again part of the night out. Laugh out loud with the animals and have a lovely time. You also have a variety of drinks along with the food. From the varieties of food offered, you have amazingly yummy hot dogs at “Rocket Dogs.” If you are not a great fan of the Hot Dogs, you can try your taste buds on the Dutch Pancakes which are just on the way to the “Silent Disco”. These Pancakes are served on a giant plate and are beautifully decorated with Nutella and Strawberries which makes them taste as gorgeous as they appear to your eyes.

With your stomach filled and your energy level up, you can head up to the silent disco which is open till 10pm. You would need a headphone to enjoy and to be a part of the silent disco and to get the headphones you will have to pay 10 Pounds which you get back when you return them in proper shape and size as they had been handed over to you before use. You can also switch channels on the headphones by pressing the button on it as the disco offers you two channels to choose among them. You will get lost in the enjoyment of the songs and the people around you with the relaxation and the environment that Zoo lates provides you.

What a place to enjoy and have fun in the lap of the nature with your family and friends. If you are still thinking to make your Friday’s more interesting and unique, The London Zoo lates would suffice your purpose.

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