The Beauty of Shiatsu in London Spas

Summary: London spas offer shiatsu a unique form of Japanese spa work which relaxes the entire body.

While in London enjoy the pleasures and facilities offered to the visitors. Indeed, the city comes with its set of surprises and amazing tour delights. Experience the best and enjoy the most of travel attractions in this part of the world. There is a certain charm to enjoying the spa work here and if it is Shiatsu then there is nothing like it. Shiatsu is a kind of bodywork which has been developed in Japan. Very akin to acupuncture it applies finger pressure and not needles. The name Shiatsu means finger pressure. Shi means finger and atsu means pressure in Japanese. The main aim of this form of exercise is to rejuvenate the mind and body and ensure the healthy flow of energy all throughout. Usually performed on a mat, one has to wear loose clothing for this. The practitioner will show how to use the thumbs and fingers and also how to apply pressure in specific parts of the body. These areas are called meridiens and one uses these techniques usually during stretches, rocking and joint rotations. The treatment is entirely holistic and takes care of the entire body. It does not deal with just one are instead focuses on overall relaxation. This is usually a session of around forty five minutes.
Wellness Treatment in Montcalm

The Montcalm group of hotels has the best kind of facilities for spa treatments and comes with its way of making things easier and more comfortable for the visitor. A good room in Montcalm would be inclusive of such facilities. Book a Montcalm Club Room and also any other higher room at hotels like the Montcalm London Marble Arch and allow the feeling to seep through. There are facilities of a head massage, an express manicure, a foot massage and express pedicure. There is also an arrangement for express facial treatment. All these completely unwind the person and make spa body treatments a luxurious affair in tours to the city. There are pre arranged SPA packages which offer the best kind of treatments for the whole body. All the packages are usually with the full use of the fitness centre as well as making complete use of the facilities provided by the SPA. There are arrangements for sauna, monsoon showers, and a steam room and also other facilities like exercise pools and heated loungers. Whether one is wishing to have a weekend break or a special treat it is all the same. One would get totally pampered in these spas.

Types of Treatment

There are many kinds of spa treatments available. This is a purification process and helps to eradicate the skin of dead cells, and toxins. It also helps to bring back the sebum quotient. The net results are a rebalanced and remineralised skin with complete renewal and absolutely no way of damage caused to the body or skin in any manner.


A spa without aromatherapy is not a spa. That is what the visitors believe at least. This is a systematic use of plant oils and is a very innovative way of bringing style in health care. This is a complementary therapy and is mainly made to take care of the entire body and not just any kind of disease. The treatment helps the body to balance, and maintain as well as heal the natural ability of the body.

Ytsara Method

This is a method that is also called the lazy man yoga and helps to release all kinds of stiffness as well as tension in the muscles. This is actually a unique form of stretching the muscles and is a great way of massaging the entire body. One has a therapist here in the spa and sauna London tours offer and helps to gently stretch the entire limbs as well as the back. There is a warm herbal compress which is usually filled with the best kind of healing herbs and is then massaged into the entire body. The entire process ends with a fascinating acupressure scalp massage which helps to release all the tension that the cranial area could feel. One is ready for the best form of relaxation and provides ideal spa comforts.

Anti Ageing Treatment

The spa pleasures in London come with the best kind of super boosting treatment which is mainly for all the stressed and tired people who wish to get completely activated. The best way to overhaul the male skin this helps to incorporate the best forms of defence mechanism for delaying wrinkles on the face.

Enjoy the Lime and Ginger Salt Method

There is a certain beauty of exfoliation in spas and the fact that it helps to revitalize and invigorate the body makes things much easier for beauty care. After lightly brushing the body with warm oil, the exotic lime and ginger salt glow is applied so as to make the skin feel refreshed and vibrant. It also comes across as a flawless affair and one better do this to enjoy the best of beauty treatments in London hotels.

The Swedish massage

Said to be the best in spa luxuries, the Swedish massage has mainly been designed to bring down the tension and restlessness that is a part of feeling tired. This massage relaxes the mind and allows one to be in total control of the situation. This is a part of the spa package in the spa hotel near Park lane in London and comes with its set of rules and etiquette.

Why is a Spa Treatment so luxurious?

While on the regular routine one does not have the time to concentrate on simple affairs like taking care of body and face. With the most fascinating methods of spa care available, one can avail of this unique facility by going to the spa in tours. London offers all these facilities in style and makes the entire travel a heavenly experience.

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