Top Inexpensive Things to Do in London

There is no doubt that London is one of the most expensive cities of the world. In all aspects of living or travel, whether you consider hotel rates, food prices or transportation costs – the price is relatively high. One of the main reasons for this, as compared to cities in other countries of the world, is the high value of its currency. Nevertheless, it is still possible for budget travellers to find cheap accommodation and plenty of inexpensive and free activities that they can enjoy. The best way for intending travellers is to do a little research on the internet. Staying in hotels in Notting Hill will also prove to be economical because most attractions of the city are located close by and as such it will be convenient and cheap to commute to any of these places. Given below are a few inexpensive things to do while in London.

Free-Entry Attractions  


There are many attractions in London that attract people from all over the world. For a budget traveller it becomes difficult to shell out large sums of money at each of the attractions that he or she visits. As such, it is essential to find out the landmarks, museums, art galleries and theatres that have no entry fee or only a nominal one. Some of these include a morning trip to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard ceremony and a visit to British Museum or National History Museum, or National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. For watching a musical or a play, you can visit the Royal Court on Mondays when the ticket price is £10 or you can book tickets in advance for the Lyric at Hammersmith and the National Theatre for around £12. You can also see a film at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square for less than £10.

Entry by Donations

There are many attractions that do not have any entry fee but you are expected to make a donation upon entry. Some of London’s museums are in this category, and they don’t charge any fee since they are funded by the government. An excellent example of such an attraction is the Royal Air Force Museum that offers exhibits and other information regarding the history of the force such as its heroic battles. It does not charge any entry fee but visitors can donate as little or as much as they like. The museum shows off more than 80 restored aircrafts, interactive exhibits, and it even allows visitors to put their skills to the test on a flight simulator. Other entry-by-donation museums include the Geffrye Museum, which depicts the life of the middle class over the last 400 years andthe Bank of England Museum, which focuses on the financial history of the city.

Other Free Attractions & Sights

There are many other places in London that are free. Visitors can enter the Royal Park Hyde Park for free and relax in its lush green meadows and indulge in some leisure activities. They can also visit the other attractions here such as the Serpentine Lake, Serpentine Gallery, Speakers Corner, Serpentine Solar Shuttle and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. Just a short walking distance away, you can visit Buckingham Palace – where one of the most famous ceremonies of London takes place in public.The‘Changing of the Guard’takes place to music daily at 11 a.m. as one guard changes place with another after an inspection and a procession. It is a public event and is free to watch. Another such public ceremony is the Ceremony of the Keys, where the gate of the Tower of London is locked by the Chief Yeoman Warder, in full traditional garb. This takes place at seven minutes before 10 p.m., much in the same way that it has for almost 700 years. This event is free, but tickets do need to be ordered in advance, sometimes by as far as two months.

Walking Tours

Most attractions of London are located in central London. One of the easiest and cheapest ways of seeing these places is to take a walking tour. Many such expeditions are organised by tour companies. Staying at hotels in Notting Hill will be advantageous because most attractions are situated nearby and it is easier to join any of the walking tours. These tours are guided and as such you can learn a lot about the history and other important aspects of the places that you will be seeing. You can also opt for your own guided tour. The tours start from an easy-to-find London Underground Station.You can also download guided tour podcasts from several websites that allow you to conduct your own tour, on your own time.

Commuting in the City

While visiting London, one of the ways of saving on the cost of your movements is to use the tube more often. Moreover, it is advisable to get an Oyster card in order to minimize the hassles of standing in a queue to get a ticket each time you use the tube and to get a cheaper rate. It only costs £5 and once you want to return the card, you’ll receive your deposit back. The Oyster card can also be used on buses, and South West Trains which take you further out into the suburbs of London.


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