Combine walking with exploring London for a great experience

A lot of people join gyms and all different types of health classes to lose weight. But, most of the people forget a simple fact that this weight can be lost by a simple task of walking and that too for free. People need to stop using cars and bikes to travel short distances and should rather walk it out to burn those extra calories. The more you walk the fitter you get, especially while visiting a new city like London, where there is so much to explore, and you would certainly want to walk and explore every corner of the city rather than getting stuck in a traffic.

Walking Tours in London: Exploring London on foot is a great option if you really want to see and feel the beauty of this city. There are many walking tours in the city with whom you can sign up for the same. These tours come in specifically tailored as per individual needs, for instance, if you are interested in architecture, then the tour is designed to meet your specific needs. You can go on these tours, and make your trip much more interesting by meeting interesting people.

Tours that covers movie locations: If you have the movie bug in you, the city certainly has something to offer. You can go on the various movie location tours wherein you will be able to visit the major movie locations of famous films. For instance, if you are a harry potter fan, you can join the harry potter tour and visit the places in the city where the movie was shot other then visiting the main London attractions such as the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben and many others.

Food Tours: Food lovers can go on a gourmet food tour and sink in the delicious tastes of London. The city’s famous Borough market and Brixtom market are good places to soak up the atmosphere of tasting some local food. You can as well visit some famous pubs that can offer you with the authentic sample of beverages. On the other hand, if chocolate excites you, you can visit the chocolatiers and the decadent dessert boutiques that serve among the finest chocolate in the globe.

Ghost Tours: London is a modern city, but there is a lot of stories and supernatural history associated with the city. So you can sign-up for a ghost walking tour and know more about the stories of historic London and the history behind these stories.

Tours for the History Lovers: If you love history that is original and unique then you can opt for the historic tour that will take you to visit the only street where you can drive on the right, the smallest police station in Britain and many other unique historic places that are not popularly known to people. You may want to take a walk in the murderous past of London, where the ripper killed some poor girls in the East End.

Some key tips to keep in mind during these walking tours:
It is very important to make a plan: Planning your general route is very essential unless you are going for a guided tour. If you are new to London, this becomes even more important. Draw and map out the route you will be walking on literally. Also ensure that you follow the map and carry it along with you at all times.

Make use of the gadgets: Smartphone’s these days have navigation apps that are great to guide when in trouble. However, they work only when there is enough signal, hence you cannot solely rely on them. For this reason carry a physical map.

Right footwear is a must: Since you will be walking for a really long time, it goes without saying that you need to wear good comfortable shoes. Running shoes or hiking boots can be comfortable for a long walk.

Appropriate clothing: Always carry a waterproof coat with you while travelling to London and wear comfortable clothes. Also ensure that you wear more than one layer of clothing to stay warm. Your day will turn out to be more pleasurable, if you are prepared for the eventuality of the weather. The weather is very unpredictable in London; hence do not step out without reading the weather forecast.

Carry fluids with you along with essentials in the backpack: It is necessary to stay hydrated, specifically when you will be walking for a long time. This is even more important in summers; hence do not forget to carry a bottle of water. Carry your essentials in the backpack, such as your hands free a copy of your passport and other things that you may potentially need.

While travelling to London, it is equally prominent to decide on your needs of accommodation. Even though there are many hotels that would suit the requirement of various people, you need to get hold of the one that is most suitable for you. The Montcalm London hotels are among the ones that look into every aspect of a traveler’s needs and requirements. The London City Suites by Montcalm avails you with the most comfortable and luxurious accommodations in the entire city.

They provide you with facilities such as a work table, coffee table and a couch in the hotel room. They offer you with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity along with satellite channels and LCD screen television. This luxury hotel offers you with exquisite suites that are highly equipped with all the necessary as well as luxurious facilities and amenities right from branded traitors to the furnishings of the rooms.

The best part about this hotel is that it avails you with high class services at comparatively affordable prices.

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