Avoiding the traffic issues in Oxford Circus

The Oxford Circus is constantly bustling with activity, and is one of the most famous areas in London for foreign visitors as well as locals. The presence of some internationally acclaimed tourist attractions, abundance of street food joints, and excellent shopping destinations make the area a favourite for everyone. There are times when you also get to see some things that are plain bizarre when in this area.

A few days earlier, Regent Street in the Oxford Circus found itself the site for a very unusual scene. Right in the middle of the crossing of the road, sat a lorry. It appeared that the lorry had broken down, and the driver had wandered off somewhere in search of help. While a broken down lorry in the middle of the road is certainly something that can cause quite a bit of inconvenience to daily commuters, what really made the event so spectacular was the content that the lorry was carrying. The vehicle was a flat bed design, and the back of the lorry was open. On the flat bed sat a giant octopus. The scene caused quite a bit of excitement and commotion in the area as bemused commuters were confused by what was going on, and why there was an octopus in the Ofxofr Circus,

The lorry remained in that position for a few hours, and it was later discovered that the octopus it was carrying was made from Styrofoam and was part of an elaborate, and apparently quite successful, PR stunt. And if the buzz on social media networks is any indication, the octopus did create a bit of a stir. People on networks like Twitter and Instagram shared pictures of the lorry stranded on the Regent’s road along with the huge octopus on its back. A lot of jokes were made, and people made light of the morning traffic. The story was shared by a number of news agencies as well, and even got a mention on social networks from high influence personalities and organisations.

The entire chain of events had been planned and executed by Roman Trucks, who later took credit for it and announced that it was a PR related activity. While the octopus may be a one time thing for the Oxford Circus, but the area is always full of fun things to do and witness. The lorry breakdown caused some commuter delays, and they were bemused at the fact that no one would believe them if they said a giant octopus was the reason they were so late.

The lorry broke down hotels near Oxford Circus and had to be repositioned so that it did not block the entire road. Once repositioned, it blocked a single lane, and made for a fantastic sight for all passerby Londoners and tourists.

Make sure you never miss out on the excitement of Oxford Circus

Oxford Circus was chosen by Roman Trucks as the perfect site for their PR stunt for a very good reason. It is one of the key points in the London city, and attracts millions of passers-by every day. Not just residents, but visitors frequent the area as well, so the stunt has a major chance of becominga global news. All of these factors are true for others, not to PR oriented activities as well. The same crowd that makes the area a great spot for such a stunt, also makes it a prime business district in the city of London. People from all over the city, the country, and often the world visit London to spend some time at Oxford Circus, so that they can enjoy the tourist attractions in the vicinity.

Think beyond shopping and you will be surprised by what the Oxford Circus can offer you. Make reservations for the BBC Radio Theatre, or visit the amazing bar in the Courthouse Hotel called Jail. You can also spend some time marveling over amazing feats of photography at the Getty Images Gallery. If you enjoy music and love Blues, head right over to the Kingly Street, where the famous Ain’tNothin’ But lounge offers some of the finest live Blues experiences you will get in the world.
Since Oxford Street is most famous for its shopping destinations, you will find plenty of cafes and restaurant where you can stop for a while and just relax. Great coffee, superb ambiance, and gourmet food, all of this can be found in the Oxford Circus and you will love every moment of it.

If you want to avoid brand names, and visit some boutique place instead, there are many such locations all around Oxford circus, and all of them are just a short walk away from the main shopping area. Margaret Street and Henrietta Palace are just some examples.

For those who are in London only to have fun, and are not bothered by exceeding their budget, there is much that you can do in Oxford Circus that does not involve shopping. You can let your hair down, and have an obscene amount of fun at the ChinaWhite nightclub where some of the best London afterhour parties take place.
Stay near Oxford circus for a great time

With plenty of famous as well as boutique hotels near Oxford Circus where you will find great accommodations for sure, staying close to Oxford Circus is simply the best way to make your trip to London more convenient and enjoyable. By not having to worry about going all the way back to wherever you are staying, you can spend that much more time having fun in this area, and you also get to just walk your way back to the hotel without having to worry about taking cabs or buses at all. If you plan on spending the majority of your time shopping at Oxford Street and having fun at the Oxford Circus, finding hotels near Oxford Circus will save you money as well as time, and give you the ultimate experience.

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