Family friendly activities that you can do in Europe

If you are at London with your family then it’s a great time for you. You can enjoy with your family and let them know how much you love them. So its family time, it’s really a fun time.

Search for Treasure


Here you have a chance to look for the treasure. Fiona who was an Archaeologist indicates two-hour trawls lengthwise the muddy banks of the River Thames. The earlier researchers have taken with then the horse teeth, Tudor tiles and the Elizabethan pipes.


Group home With Monkeys

This is a more than 200wild Barbary macaques from the reserve of Gibraltar’s. This is a place where some of the animal lovers can have a look at the unfazed monkeys really very closely. But you need to keep in mind that you should not feed anything to the monkeys as you will have to pay fine for it. The place is open for all age groups.


Make Your Mark

From the year 1980, graffiti taggers and political dissidents have been arranging the lyrics and slogans on the John Lennon tribute wall that is located in the Prague’s Lesser Town. Today the activists are reinvigorated to put their notes to mix.


Act like a Miner

People, who visit to the century German salt mine from the 16th century, fall into the ancient miner’s coveralls before they slide down a 100-foot wooden chute for a guided tour that takes at least 75 minutes.


Fight like a Warrior

There are some of the young fighters who learn how to pole with the wooden swords within two hours private warrior lessons.

If you are on the family tour then Europe is surely your place. If you book your accommodation in advance then you can do lots of savings. There are many good hotels in the area and BW plus Park Grand London Heathrow is one among them. The hotel is one of the nest hotels in the city and surely you can get an economical accommodation here. If you want to save on the transportation then you can take the travel card or the discount passes. If you think that the hotel room is expensive for you then you can also think about rental apartments. If your owner is kind, he will also leave their list for restaurant and attraction recommendations for you to refer. With this you can indeed have a local feel.


There is much more than the red light district at the Amsterdam. There are also paddle boats and bike roads where you can have a great time with your family. If you are an adventure lover then you are going to have a great fun. You can get many cheap dine in options here.

What you can do

It is a great enjoyment when it comes to the boating or biking at the Amsterdam. You can also see the NEMO Science Museum and make your kids learn many things. There is also a chemistry lab where one can undergo experiments. You can also see the wonderful bubble display. Your kids will surely appreciate the history and background of the Anne Frank Museum .If you want to visit the museum then you need to buy the tickets in advance so that you need not face any disappointment at the last moment. If you come here in the spring then you can also arrange a day trip to the Keukenhof and enjoy the fresh tulips. This can really be an amazing experience for you. You can also take a Holland Pass so that you can save your money on the entry fees and also save your time at many of the attractions.

Where you can stay

BW plus Park Grand London Heathrow is a centrally located hotel where you can enjoy very good breakfast buffet. This is a very good hotel where you can get a budget accommodation. You can have a great time here without making your pockets empty.

Where you can eat and drink

There are many good restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the top quality food and drinks. If you are looking for a local café then Café Loetje is the right place. You can enjoy the best food along with a cup of coffee here.


This can be a great place to visit. The local people are very co-operative and they will welcome you with a smile. They will make you feel very comfortable here. You will not have a language bar here as they will try to communicate with you perfectly. You can also have a good transport system here. .

What you can do

As and when you arrive, you can appreciate whole-heartedly the “doors of Dublin”. You just need to pick your bags up and move to the newly started renovated playground. Here you can also enjoy feeding the duck. Here you can get to see different types of duck at national museum of Ireland.

Ireland’s wildlife in nicely displayed across two floors. If you are an animal lover, then surely you are going to enjoy the place at your best. You can have a look at the real animals at the delightful Dublin Zoo located at the Phoenix Park. If you want to know a little of dark history, then you can give a short visit to the Kilmainham Goal. This goal is a Gaelic for jail. If you like to go for a one day trip then you can take a train to the south. Here you can see the aquarium or move around the sea. You can also pluck some of the blueberries on your way but you need to know that it depends only on the season. If you love to climb on the mountains then you can move to the Wicklow where you can enjoy the gardens. So just do not let it go and plan your tour with the family. Make your tour a memorable for all family members.

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