Safety Tips For Women

Despite the reputation which the UK as a whole has for offering a warm and hospitable welcome, even in a city as large and crowded as London, there’s still no getting away from the fact that, like any other big city, it can be a dangerous place. In many instances, staying safe, if you’re staying in one of the many London Heathrow hotels, will simply be a matter of making sure that you don’t make yourself vulnerable by being alone in a place which is dark or isolated. This is even truer if you’re a woman travelling alone, since lone females, sadly, can sometimes find themselves the target of unscrupulous people. It would be a shame, however, if this fact were dissuade women from travelling on their own, since, in the 21st century, women have as much right as man to travel and enjoy a city like London independently. The simple truth is that there are certain steps which a woman can take if she wishes to remain safe, and following are just a few safety tips for women in Heathrow:

Stay Aware

always ensure that you’re fully aware of your surroundings, meaning both exactly where you are and who else is there with you. If you fail to concentrate on where you are and what you’re doing then, before you know it, you might have wandered down some dark alleyway or deserted street and placed yourself in a vulnerable situation. It also helps not to talk on your phone whilst walking, since it will mean your mind is elsewhere, and also to avoid carrying a map, as this will give away the fact that you’re not a local and thus are more vulnerable.

Trust Your Instincts

if something strikes you as being a bit ‘wrong’, which is to say threatening and perhaps dangerous, then avoid it, even if you can’t quite put your finger upon what it is that disturbs you about it. Your instincts will often pick up on things before you become aware of them on a conscious level.


try to project an aura of confidence even if you’re not genuinely feeling all that confident. Walk tall and upright, with your head held high, rather than slinking and trying to make yourself ‘disappear’. People looking for victims will often zero in on any sense of weakness, and will avoid women who look like they know how to protect themselves.

In a Car

when driving in a car, keep the doors and windows locked. Carjacking is still an extremely rare crime, but making sure nobody has a chance to so much as open your car door will ensure that there’s no chance of it happening to you.


if you’re out in a pub, bar or even at a private party, make sure that you pour your own drink and that you keep whatever you’re drinking with you at all times. If you put it down and turn your back, someone could possible slip some sort of drug into it, thus rendering you vulnerable to attack.

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