When to Come to London

summer in London

Temperatures are usually pleasantly warm from June to August, but can be fiercely hot. If you are making plans to go abroad for the holidays and climatic condition is not a concern, then there is no better choice than London. Mostly the summer’s in London is a mixture of glorious blue sky and rain and intense rumbling at times.  There’s no reason to equivocate when planning a visit to London, the weather is erratic, but usually mild. There are many magnetic attractions in London which pull visitors and are mostly open all year round.
The ideal time to visit London for vacation is in May, June or September, as the weather during these months is better to roam out in the sun but honestly its assumption and presumption game as the weather can be blissful or nasty. Visiting London during Christmas and New Year eve will be blink delight.


The summer in London is a fusion of splendid days and rain. Climate is usually pleasingly tepid from June to August, but the weather can get ferociously hot and spoiling your vacation.

In summer, London people’s mind get into different mode and they start thinking in a typical European fashion, moving towards open restaurants and thronging pub pavements with a cold lager in hand. Summer is paradise for the music fans and many classical festivals include the superb Proms takes place during this time of the year.

Off Period

Winter is dark & cold and runs a long marathon in London from October to March. Days are shorter, wind and rain can make the condition much worse. January and February is the time for snow fall and peak time for skiing. Irrespective of the climatic conditions there are some or the other action happening in the London city, but it’s just less tempting to go out and enjoy in winters. Wrap yourself and get geared to have a gala time.


London is fully packed with domestic and international tourists in the months of July and August. The weather keep on varying, it might be hot or could be cold, however, there are bounties of celebrations stirring during this time of the year and offering heaps and bounds of free amusement.

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