London icons


London one of the most happening places is not only known for shopping, entertainment and sports but also houses a number of well-known and iconic magnets in the world. With the endless list, it is hard to choose few of them but still we were able to manage a small list.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

The bridge was formally opened on 30 June 1894 by The Prince of Wales and constructed over the Thames River. The bridge connects Iron Gate, on the north bank of the river, with Horselydown Lane, on the Tower Bridge Road, respectively.

The bridge measures 244 x 65 m in length and height, built on dock.  The strider walkways are 44 m above the river’s water level. It is an eventful and central crossing of the Thames and over 40,000 people every day cruise to visit their destinations.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is the authorized seat of the London’s Bishop. The cathedral is one of the most legendary sights of the London city. It plays an important role in the nationwide uniqueness of the English population. At 111m height, it was considered as the tallest building in London and dictating the skyline for 250 years from 1710 to 1962.

Pedestrians can walk around the ground floor and climb 530 steps to reach on the top of the dome. St Paul’s Cathedral is a demanding and working church, with hourly prayer and daily services.

Houses of Parliament

The Palace of Westminster Houses also known as House of Parliament is the gathering place of the two Parliament houses, House of Commons and the House of Lords. House of Parliament is one of the most iconic statuettes and swallows 1000 Years of history about the Britain.

It is unwrapped for the UK public and international visitors. It is placed in Westminster, Central London.

London Eye

It is the world’s premier observation swing which comprise of 32 capsules, each weighs around 10 tons and can hold maximum of 25 people.

It offers the memorable sight of London’s most celebrated attractions within 30 minutes!



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