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London Historic Houses

The old monuments, galleries and museums are the treasured possessions of any community to keep their culture, tradition and heritage alive and intact. London apart from being the capital of Britain also plays an important role in keeping the captivating spirit alive. Here are some of the pillars supporting the legacy of Britain. Buckingham Palace [...]


London Events Calendar

London is known for being the house for the international events and holding Olympics this year, the city has given the strong standing of their international standards of facilities and quality. London is an eventful city holding some or the other events round the year. Here are some prominent events that have become the tradition [...]


London at a Glance

London located on the River Thames, UK’s largest and most populated city housing 8 million people and the principal built-up region in Europe. It is a premiere global city and one of the world’s largest financial centers. It is a major tourist destination for domestic as well as international visitors. The city is and a [...]


London Sightseeing Tours

London is a big city and has ample of places to be visit, practically visiting all the places is not possible within a day and it is advisable to go for a sightseeing tours which ensures the entertainment and the necessary info download to the visitors. Sightseeing tours are more preferable as visitors get to [...]

summer in London

When to Come to London

Temperatures are usually pleasantly warm from June to August, but can be fiercely hot. If you are making plans to go abroad for the holidays and climatic condition is not a concern, then there is no better choice than London. Mostly the summer’s in London is a mixture of glorious blue sky and rain and [...]


List of Museums in London

A trip to London without visiting the museums is like ending up dinner without dessert, one will get mesmerized while entering the city museums. London houses more than 200 museums and moreover majority of them are free to enter. The major museums are spread all over the city and offer good facilities, making it promising [...]


Free London Attraction

London is the most visited sites in the world and quite expensive in terms of stay, shopping and entertainment; many of the major attractions in the city charge pretty generous entry fee but there are still a number of good places where visitors can meander free of charge. Cathedrals and historic houses are impressive to [...]


London icons

London one of the most happening places is not only known for shopping, entertainment and sports but also houses a number of well-known and iconic magnets in the world. With the endless list, it is hard to choose few of them but still we were able to manage a small list. Tower Bridge Exhibition The [...]


Celebrate Special Diwali on the Square

Celebrate at a series of special Diwali London events as restaurants and other venues across the city mark the Festival of Lights. Symbolising the arrival of Lord Rama as he frees Queen Sita and defeats the evil Ravana, Diwali is one of the highlight events in the Hindu calendar and is also celebrated by Sikhs [...]


The Tanks: Art in Action at Tate Modern, in London

The Tanks at Tate Modern, the world’s first museum galleries dedicated permanently to live art, a 15-week festival exhibiting live art, performance, installation and film work. The space’s name is derived from its previous function – the chambers that form the exhibition space were oil tanks that have remained unused since the former power station [...]