8 ways to style drop earrings

8 ways to style drop earrings

Do you want to know why all women’s jewellery brands adore creating drop earrings? Because they are just as much fun to style as they are to design and craft! Drop earrings come in so many different shapes and sizes. Many styles are subtle enough to wear to work. Some are best saved for special [...]


8 Ways to Wear Chokers

Ever since it bounded onto the scene in the 90s, the choker necklace has become a firm favourite for all fashionistas. Today, we’re going to inspire you with 8 fun ways to wear chokers, inspired by the collection from Jewel Tree London. 1.  Layered Create an eclectic look by layering your choker with a longer [...]


9 ways to wear layered necklace like a pro

Torn between that new gold pendant necklace you just bought on sale and your beloved bar necklace? Oh, we’ve been there – trust us. So, why not layer up your necklaces? If you’ve already mastered the art of stacking rings, layered necklaces are the next logical chapter in your fashion journey. To ensure you capture [...]

Visit London’s lesser-known museums

South Kensington’s popular trio of museums – The V&A, The Natural History and the Science Museum are well known to arts and cultural buffs visiting London. Then, of course, there is the British Museum probably the most famous of all the museums. In fact, London is a treasure trove when it comes to world-class museums [...]

Top 3 Reasons to Book a Spa Break in London

You would be silly not to book a spa break in a city where you have all the top spas in the world at your doorstep. Several people come to the city to be treated by top internationally qualified therapists in London. The English capital is home to some of the best luxury hotels in [...]

Fun Facts about Buckingham Palace

As you make your way to the centre of London in the district of Westminster, you will find Buckingham Palace, which is one of the most prevalent operational palaces in the world. Fun fact: Famous royal architect John Nash designed the aesthetically pleasing structure. Surrounding the castle are several other iconic landmarks and attractions that [...]

Activities in and around Hyde Park

If you intend to visit London this December you will be on a festive quite unlike any other. London is at its most beautiful during Christmas season, whether you visit its iconic shopping streets or head over to its grand cultural and entertainment venues. Of course, if you want to in the thick of things [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Finsbury Park

Located in the greater part of London, Finsbury Park is a 46-hectare park that falls part of the London boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Haringey. This part of London offers fairly reasonable housing and a selection of accommodation London city options and, if you ask us, is one of the most underrated parts of the [...]

The City of London – The Place that is Always on the Go

The capital city of the UK is a place where hustle and bustle is a twenty four hour, seven days a week thing, it never stops. The craziness of the day spills into the night where the city really comes alive through its eclectic mix of lively nightclubs, bars and even its extensive offerings of [...]

Free Things to do in London

Who says London is an expensive city? There is no doubt that many aspects of the city are expensive but the best part of the city is that it has many cheaper options for each aspect enabling budget travellers to be able to enjoy its various offerings. Some of the free activities are: Museums and [...]