Best Way for a Business Traveller to Spend a Day in London

With so much to see and do in London, you will need to spend weeks exploring the city but if you are here on a business trip and you can spare only 24 hours, you will only be able to sample some of its highlights. You have the following options and it is up to [...]

Festivals Galore in Summer in London

London is so dark, dreary, cold and wet most of the time that when summer arrives, it suddenly springs to life with a plethora of summer festivals and other outdoor activities. All over the place, you will find spectacular music, food and wine fiestas and theatrical pop-ups. There is so much to choose from that [...]

Get Close to Nature in London

London is a concrete jungle that is densely populated and offers a host of attractions for visitors. However, besides its urban appeal, the city is also home to wildlife that also attracts tourists. Given below are the main places for wildlife spotting and for getting up close and personal with Mother Nature. London Wetland Centre: [...]

Best Shopping Destinations in London

An essential aspect of any visitor’s stay in London is shopping as the city is a shopaholic’s dream destination with innumerable stores, retail districts and shopping streets offering everything under the sun, especially clothing styles. Eight of the best shopping areas that offer unique fashion items are mentioned below. Oxford Street: Offering a large variety [...]

Encounter the Thrill at the Chosen Destinations in London

It’s a modest wonder London is solitary the top destinations among any other place in the world, attracting more than 15 million travelers every year. This capital city of Britain is full of entertainment centers and vibrant arts, besides this the 50 years old Beatles’s music vista still rocks.  London also tenders one of the [...]

South Kensington – What to Do and What to See

South Kensington, an affluent district in West London, is home to many museums, including the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, and The Victoria and Albert Museum. Most noted for its picturesque open spaces and a pool of free attractions, the district is a great place for all kinds of travellers, including those travelling with [...]

A Guide to a Unique and enthralling London Experience

London is known for one of the extremely enthralling eyes captivating sites. The visitors are spoilt with choice when looking to spend time in London. Couples or families, all have equal destinations to choose from. Some places are quite unique in nature and are loved by one and all. One can witness kids as well [...]

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Reasons To Visit London In The Fall

Adventure and beauty are the two bedrocks of the London city which remains inseparable from its identity. Being the cultural capital, this city has something in reserve for everyone. In the autumn season, it becomes even more colorful and one should definitely not miss a trip to the London during this season. Let us explore [...]

Enjoy your time and make the best of it in London!

There are many things to discover in London with your huge list of things to do and see. From lunch hour wonders to full blown day outings, this is the ultimate checklist that you need to consider in London for best bits. There are equal things to do in this city for locals and for [...]

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Why hotel companies must get a brilliant booking engine to help increase room sales

When hotel companies create a website one of the most crucial aspects to consider is how its booking engine appears. There are many reasons why a tourist would not continue to the reservation page when on a website, but usually it is because the site is slow or not visually appealing. A brilliant booking engine [...]